Oppo V101 Vooc Flash Car Charger V101 White

Oppo V101 Vooc Flash Car Charger V101 White


Crafted to drive with you on every road

The VOOC Car Charger has been crafted from a single piece of aliminium, with 26 different steps of refinement and features a luxury and elegant design.Easy to use, the standby state is white, and the light will turn blue once your phone is placed on charge. Plug in and go!

Four-times charging speed

OPPO exclusive VOOC flash charge technology allows for efficent and fast charging while driving.

Safe and reliable, enjoy an easy travel

Built-in adaptors with overload protection and circuit identification will intelligently switch between charge modes which means minimal power consumption whilst on standby. Enjoy peace of mind on the road.


Manufacturer: Oppo
Model: VOOC V101
Color: White/Black
Dimension: 66mm*31mm*31mm
Input: 12V/24V 2.5A
Output: Flash Mode: 3.4V/5V 3.5A / Standard Mode: 5V 2A
Weight: 150g
Ideal for charging mobile phones, MP3, MP4, MID, camera, tablets and other 5V input devices

Oppo VOOC Flash Car Charger V101 White

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