Team 16SDHC 16Gb Sdhc Memory

Team 16SDHC 16Gb Sdhc Memory

The 16GB SDHC card offers high transfer speeds and increased capacity that is optimal for use with the most current SDHC-compatible media devices. Experience the maximum potential of your device at Class 10 speeds to store and transfer photographs and videos. The generous amount of storage coupled with high speed sequential read capabilities allow for high performance. The SDHC Card is ideal for high-resolution photography, recording HD videos and high-speed consecutive shooting of fast-motion action.

Brand: Team
Interface: SD2.0 SD3.0
Capacity: 16GB
Speed: Class10
Power source: 2.7 ~ 3.6V
Readup to 85 MB/s
Writeup to 25 MB/s (8 GB);up to 45 MB/s (16 / 32 GB)

Team 16SDHC 16Gb Sdhc Memory

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