Team 8MICSDHC 8Gb Microsdhc Memory

Team 8MICSDHC 8Gb Microsdhc Memory

The Team 8Gb Microsdhc Memory Card uses memory from original manufacturers and is made with advanced process technologies. Besides the high data read/write speed, it is micro. Therefore, it can enhance the camera and PMP performance of new-generation mobiles, 3G mobiles and PDAs. All multimedia files, including images, videos, MP3 music files, games, maps and movies, can all be stored in this fingernail-sized microSD card from Team.

Brand: Team
Type: microSDHC
The amount of memory: 8 GB
Speed ​​class: Class 6
Speed ​​reading: 20 Mb/s
Recording speed: 9 MB/s

Team 8MICSDHC 8Gb Microsdhc Memory

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