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Able Payroll
Able Payroll is software used for payroll processing. It is a windows-based application that meets PNG tax requirements and labour standards.

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Why Get Able Payroll?

Take advantage of its different benefits while the system is in place in your work operation.

Its benefits are :

Faster pay processing.
Fast track crediting of pay to employee bank accounts
User Friendly
Availability of local support
Conforms with Nasfund reporting and IRC Statement of Earnings
Multiple users without user license fees
Network Ready

Minimum system requirements
Windows Windows 7 and up
At least Core 2 Duo
At least 2GB RAM or higher
At least 2GB Free HDD
MS Excel 2010 and down for some reports
Crystal Report
.Net Framework
Annual company license

One license per company file policy applies to the Able Payroll. This means that every company file to be activated, a company license has to be purchased. Every October of the year all clients are automatically billed for the annual maintenance.

PNG Tax Calculation

Tax is calculated automatically based on PNG Tax Tables for salaries and wages. It supports tax calculations for fringe benefits, termination or resignation pay, leave pay and back pays. It also supports tax calculation for other pay frequency.


Creation of Standard Pay

In order to minimize time spent in pay processing, you can be able to setup an employee’s standard pay. Standard pay definitions created on each employee’s file will become templates of further pay references. Thus, you don’t need to enter pay details that change every pay run but is only required to edit the changes like overtime or normal hours when necessary.

Improved Reporting

Able Payroll now uses crystal report for better report functionality. Exporting of reports to different file formats is possible.

Step-by-Step Pay Processing

Payroll processing is an imperative to the business operation which most of the time requires deadlines. With able payroll, users are guided with a step-by-step payroll processing that made evident by the different user forms that interlinked one step to the previous and next actions to be done on the pay. By doing so, users are able to guarantee that none had been skipped and procedures are followed in the proper order.

Electronic Bank Transfer

Delays on the pays are not always acceptable on the employee’s side. But with Able Payroll, pays can be credited straight to the bank accounts of employee’s even without the payroll officer do a bank run to do deposits. The payroll system is fully interfaced with the three banking giants in Papua New Guinea such as BSP, ANZ and West Pac.

NASFUND Reporting

Reports required by NASFUND are built-in to the system such as for the superannuation contribution reports and the NCSL contributions. These reports conform to the standards of NASFUND and NCSL and promotes efficient posting of contribution to member’s accounts.

Tax Office Reporting

Group Tax reports and statement of earnings report can be retrieved from the system for easier filing and submission of tax contribution reports to Internal Revenue Commission of PNG.

Multiple Cost Centre and GL Code

If your company reports the total wages cost of each department, Able Payroll has now support to multiple cost centre and GL code. Per pay line, you can allocate it to its own cost centre code and GL code to use. Thus, splitting of payroll expenses by cost centre is better.

Better Data Mining
Able Payroll includes an Enquiry Module that gives you the access to get records relative to employment transfers of employee, leave history, superannuation transactions, banking history, tax transactions and other data records relevant to one's pay transactions.

Advance Loan Facility
The new loan facility in Able Payroll lets you record multiple loans for each employee. You can have multiple transactions per loan code. There is also the functionality of doing a manual loan repayment on the system apart from the repayment that gets included on the pay automatically during pay processing.

Backup & Security
Data integrity can be kept through the security feature of the system. Users can be created and can be assigned modules that can only be accessible to them. Further, the backup and restore feature enables one to keep data backups that can be used in the future when required.

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