Finance Options

Is getting a laptop a bit pricey? Or your most wanted fridge is still outside of your budget? At Able Home & Office, we offer different finance options that offers you the flexibility to buy now and spread your repayments. Further, we can reserve for you your long time dreamed coffee maker while you are saving your hard earned money to pay the whole price.

Here are the options you can choose from.


The lay-by option is great in budget management, it allows you to save for your dream office or home products but can’t afford at that particular time, plus no interest fees.

  1. 30% minimum deposit is required for all lay-by orders.
  2. The minimum lay-by sale is K300.
  3. The maximum lay-by period is 3 months for a total sale up to K600 and 6 months for above K600.
  4. Customer is required to pay minimum amount monthly as defined on above schedule.  This can be paid weekly or fortnightly but the total amount should not be less than the minimum monthly amount and should be paid not later than the monthly due date.    
  5. The company will provide statement of account every after payment is made.
  6. The lay-by price is fix and can’t be amended after the agreement even if the retail price is reduced on a later date.
  7. Termination of Lay-by agreement and forfeiture of payments/deposits apply on below.  This is applied to compensate the retailer’s selling, storage and administration costs.

3 Months Layby -  Total payments will be forfeited if full payment is not received within the due date.

4-6 Months Layby -  Payments equivalent to 50% of the Lay-by sale will be forfeited if full payment is not received within the due date or no installment paid in 3 consecutive months.  (e.g. If the lay-by sale is K1,000 then 50% of that which is K500 will be forfeited from the lay-by payments.  If only K400 has been paid then the full amount will be forfeited.)     

  1. Remaining funds after deducting termination fees (applicable to 4-6 Months Layby only) will be refunded or issued as store credit.  Refunds are issued by the following methods:
  • Under K500 (A refund of cash will be issued by the store)
  • K500 and Over (A refund request will be sent to Head Office in Brisbane, Australia and will be refunded via Electronic Fund Transfer.  Refund will be payable only to the customer who signed the lay-by agreement.)
  1. Lay-by orders will not be shipped or released until paid in full.
  2. There are no returns or exchanges on lay-by items with the exception of faulty goods or in accordance with your legislated rights.


Financing purchase is available with Able Home & Office in partnership with FINANCE CORPORATION LTD (FINCORP), the biggest financial institution in PNG. 

  1. Faster Processing & Approval
  2. Flexible repayment terms (5-52 fortnights)
  3. No processing and administration fees
  4. Loan amount of K200 – K20,000
  5. Low Interest Rates - Interest rates are based on current market condition and included on the repayment schedule