Able Rewards


  1. All clients can apply for Able Rewards provided that they have a valid email address, phone/mobile number. Visit your nearest Able Home & Office branch to become an Able Rewards member.
  2. Once a rewards card holder, a customer earns points for every qualifying purchase on hardware and consumable products (labour and software products excluded).
  3. Accumulated points are converted to Able Rewards Voucher upon request of the card holder. One point is equivalent to 1 Kina voucher value. However, the minimum points you can redeem is 100 points and upto maximum of 1000 points per request. Further members can only redeem multiples of 100 points. Points that have not been redeemed will remain as point’s balance of the rewards card holder. Example: If total points are 220 points, only 200 points will be redeemed as a K200 Able Rewards Voucher. The customer will be left with 20 points as balance. Points will continue to accumulate for every qualifying purchase.
  4. Points are not redeemable for cash.


By using this card you agree to the Able Home and Office Rewards Card Terms and conditions

  1. Able Rewards cardholders earn points on every VEP purchase at Able Home and Office place of issue only. Qualifying purchases include all hardware and consumable items (labour and software products are excluded). K100 VEP purchase is equivalent to 1 Point. 1 Point is equivalent to 1 Kina Able Rewards Voucher. Not redeemable for cash. The card is not transferable, strictly for use by registered cardholders only and is subject to present and future program rules.
  2. Accumulated points are redeemed as Able Rewards Voucher provided the card has accumulated at least 100 points. Points to redeem will be in multiples of 100 points upto a maximum of 1000 points per request. Remaining points not redeemed will remain as points balance.
  3. A card holder may redeem points by requesting thru the Able Rewards website. The card holder must login to their Able Rewards account and request the points to be converted to Able Rewards Voucher on the Redeem Points page. The Able Rewards administrator will verify and process the request. Once completed, the Able Rewards administrator uploads the Able Rewards Voucher in the card holder's account page. The card holder will be notified thru email once the voucher is ready for download.
  4. Able Rewards Voucher redeemed from accumulated points can be applied to any purchase from Able Home and Office branch where the card was issued. Able Rewards Voucher can also be applied to outstanding balances to your account with Able Home & Office.
  5. Points cannot be used to pay for lay-bys, shipping or sub agents.
  6. Able Home and Office reserves the right to discontinue and change the Able Rewards program at any time and without prior notice.
  7. Able Rewards members are responsible in providing the correct email address to be used on ther Able Rewards account page and keeping these account details secure. Able Home and Office is not responsible for any stolen or compromised login credentials.
  8. Able Home and Office is not responsible for stolen or lost Able Rewards cards or unredeemed points.
  9. Able Rewards cards are valid in the branch of issue only.
  10. In the case of a dispute regarding any element of the Able Rewards program, the decision of Able Home and Office shall be final and binding.
  11. Any questions regarding the Able Rewards program should be referred to the Able Rewards program administrator at [email protected].
    Updated 13th July, 2021.
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